Catching My Breath…

Hi there! I bring you a brief update on things- more detailed stories to follow…

Summer was great overall, and we had pretty amazing weather. Of course this is expected and recognized as one of the main reasons so many people want to live here. It’s a nice place to be if you don’t mind all the people!

a paved road runs along side a green field overlooking the city of San Jose and the Southern Bay Area
Above: Looking west across San Jose and the valley.

Since June I’ve tracked the flow of tourists, commuters, and highway repair crews while the grass covered hills went from green to gold. I spent way too many hours on the road going back and forth between San Jose and the Farm up in Mendocino County. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying- I saw things. I saw a lot of things, man… But more on that later.

panorama of a scenic country vista with golden hills and green fields.
The Farm in Mendocino County

Mom’s garden grew like crazy, we gained two new cats, and we managed to get some solid improvements to the infrastructure around the farm.

woman with pink hair in a lush vegetable garden
Mom and her garden.
two white cats
Two new cats

Harvest came, and before it was over, so did the fires. After much drama and being evacuated, we were among the lucky ones whose houses and livelihoods didn’t burn to the ground. Many of our friends were not so fortunate. I hope to never experience anything like it again, though I am so thankful to everyone who helped, and so awed by everyone who lost everything and still went out of their way to make my parents more comfortable.

Banner in Santa Rosa thanking the firefighters, police, EMS, PG&E, and military personnel, hanging over a freeway overpass.
Above: Banner in Santa Rosa thanking the firefighters, police, EMS, PG&E, and military personnel who came to our aid.

Now all eyes are looking forward to rebuilding and improving. For some people this will mean moving on to new and different places, while for others life will bring new opportunities to fill in what has been burned away.

Me, I’m expanding operations and getting ready for the rains to come. I’ve got plans for next year…

Freshly tilled field surrounded by golden hills, a berry patch, a dead tree and a live tree.
Above: Newly tilled soil, awaiting the seeds for organic soil builder.

Now things are settling down again, and I think I can catch my breath. Of course I’ve got stories to share still, and more pictures to process and post.  While I work on that, take care of yourself and I will see you next time!


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