Good Morning! November 15, 2019

The city-scape of San Jose in early dawn light- streetlights are still illuminated
Looking north and west across San Jose towards Sunnyvale and Mountain View – 11/15/2019

A shifting of light reveals the sights of the valley in muted green, gray, and foggy blue hues. Streetlights still shine in the coming glow of dawn, competing for attention in a sparkling cityscape that quietly glistens with potential and intrigue.

Laid out for my inspection and inspiration, I take note of all the great works and great failings of this crossroads of prosperity and change. I am both humbled and motivated to witness and be a part of it.

I walk on.

My morning routine has changed over time, but this path grows more constant and continues to provide a perspective that increases my awareness and informs my ever-opening mind.

Lessons learned, and lessons still in play, I rise and climb this hill as a metaphor for my life.

Momentarily, I can see the past and the future all laid out in the pre-dawn quiet. I savor the calm before the game is fully in play. The fragile calm before the city has come alive in the bustling chaos of another day.

As I descend into the valley again, I make note of the beauty along the way. I remember to be thankful for all that is. Mindful, I walk in peace and contemplate my world.

My neighbors arise and begin to come out into the morning chill and begin their days.

Children head off to school, lugging their backpacks and musical instruments while others are driven like tiny delicate royalty. They are all greeted the same by teachers and custodians alike.

Still more people emerge and race off on their way to cubicles, offices, factories, and stores- providing the lifeblood for another day in paradise.

Domestic bliss left behind, the masses converge on the jammed and humming highways and city streets- giving proof once again that we are not done with this world. We still have much ass to kick.

Life goes on, once again, in all of its infinite ways. For better or for worse, our momentum has brought us here to another day together.

Last night someone left an encouraging message on the sidewalk, written in chalk. Temporary messages like this somehow seem more meaningful when you find them intact- I share it with you:

You can shine brighter than a star just be who you are
Anonymous message in chalk on a sidewalk.

You can shine brighter than a star

Just be who you are

~ Anonymous

Encouraging words written for no one and everyone bring an auspicious welcome to your day. So breathe deep, and face the day happy if you can.

I say to you – ’twas ever thus…

…and Good Morning!

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