About this blog

This is my personal blog-space, where I overshare all kinds of things, ranging from news and chronicles of my life and hobbies to random recipes, fiction, and other creative works.


I work with instructional design and accessibility for individuals with disabilities- but I won’t be talking  about that here.  If you’re looking for accessibility or instructional design  blog posts, please visit IDWERKZ.COM.

My Point

I spend most of my time lately in Northern California, traveling between San Jose and the family farm in Mendocino County. I share stories about the places, peoples, and events I find, and there’s no limit to the kind of stories you’ll find here. I also take requests, so if there’s something happening in my area that you want to know more about, let me know.

One Rule

I am putting this blog out in an effort to share and connect with whoever might enjoy the content. I am not seeking anyone’s approval, but I welcome comments and feedback about what you find here. However, I have no patience for trolls and I will not entertain excessive negativity or bullying.

So that’s the deal, and it can all be reduced to one simple rule: Don’t be a dick.

Easy, right? So if you can abide and you want to share back, just register and join in.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

HippyJo in an amazing multi-colored suit.
HippyJo welcomes you!