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Hello World!

So it begins- another blog, yet again…

’twas ever thus- and yet it never was quite like this. Another golden Sunday afternoon in paradise.

Yet all is not as it appears, and truth is so often stranger than fiction.

Subtle ripples can reveal hidden currents and rocky bottoms.

Distractions and the interruptions between making plans, that’s what life is made up of.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

But most importantly, you should try to have fun.


So I bring an introductory disclaimer, as a matter of due diligence: I apologize for nothing, if you don’t like something I post, then you’re more than free to take a hike- and keep your opinions to yourself. This place is for my own selfish needs, I post what I want, when I want, for whatever crazy reason that might seize my fancy.

’nuff said.

If you do want to engage on a deeper level, then go ahead and register, so you can leave comments. I’ll think about letting you in…

Meanwhile, I’ll be doing what I do, and I will see you around-