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Surreal Sunday

Sitting at the kitchen table, looking out the front windows.

Fire burning on hillside with big white plume of smoke blowing.
Fire burning approximately 2-3 miles away.

A fire is burning on the hill, and the Breakfast with the Beatles show is playing on the radio (KOZT.com).

PG&E has turned off the power “for our protection”. The generator is roaring away to power the refrigerator, the internet router, the radio and the charging of devices. But even still, without power the well can’t pump water- so less than optimal conditions, but it could be worse.

Life continues, and we hunker down wishing the best for the single helicopter occasionally glimpsed through the smoke, dropping giant buckets of water that seem ridiculously tiny compared to the size of the fire.

This is the the third year in a row that fire has come to Potter Valley- and I am starting to think of the fire as an unwelcome relative that comes uninvited, eats all your food and trashes your place, brings their lowlife friends over, and then breaks all your stuff before demanding to “borrow” money and finally getting drunk and causing the cops and fire department to be called to your house.

Seriously, I don’t want to even think this is the new normal…

To the south of us the situation is much worse, as the Kincade fire is heading towards Healdsburg and Windsor. A grim reminder of what has been and what might again be our fate- like, in a few hours possibly.

Or, the winds might calm down and they might put it out. You have to hope for the best in these situations, as you pack your emergency supplies and bug-out bag…

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to all the refugees who are now traveling as evacuees and hoping their homes and possessions are not fueling the fire. And for those who have already lost their homes, such devastating tragedy can not be adequately addressed with words. Just know you are not alone, for better or for worse.

If this is like past years, the community will come out and you can count on random acts of kindness to throw contrast into the overall scene of sadness. Be grateful, be generous, recognize it is NEVER enough.

Be kind, don’t give up, watch out for your neighbor and don’t lower your guard – anything can happen.

So let it be, all you need is love- and thank you Beatles.

The Elephant

OK I know it’s there, I can see it.

The gap in time since I last posted anything. So much time, so much life, so much change.

I will get into all of that eventually, I’m sure. Meanwhile, here is the break in the gap- the lapse in the pause.

The aquaponics system is out of commission, it met it’s end this summer, due to some malady that happened while I was away.

Symbolic for so much in my life, the pieces are in various states of dis-assembly and cleaning- awaiting the next moment in time they might be put into use.

A reset, a clearing of the decks, a new beginning to mark the ending of an old way of being- I say goodbye and farewell to those who must go, and welcome to those who are here.

Blessed be!