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It’s Summer Time…

Optimistic and ambitious in the face of chaos and change, we press on. These are the tales of modern day pioneers forging new paths into the future…

From the Valley

Growth is the norm here, and change is never-ending. We’re learning and making changes, stepping up our game. Expanding beyond a singular context, we now have both farming and urban adventures.

vegetable garden with farmland in the background
Getting trellis and paths installed, and planting more watermelons!

This weekend we got the main crop planted, and expanded the vegetable garden, as well as a bunch of other little projects.

As we continue to make improvements to the infrastructure and expand the scope of operations, the farm is growing more and more, in every sense of the word.

planks crossing a ditch
Expanding access into the south pasture.

Seeds have been planted, and now they grow. This year I’m looking forward to lots of chilis and watermellons, and if I’m lucky we might get some plums in a week or two.

Situation: Normal

Life continues, and we’re not only holding steady, we’re improving.

Dad and Ringo
Upper Management supervising the operations.

’twas ever thus.

Meanwhile,  now that I’ve finished my chores, I’m back in the city and getting ready to go play some hockey.

But that’s a different story entirely…

More on that later- take care in the meantime, and I will be in touch!